from the factory to you

When the rubber boots or all the other GREEN&FAIR products are finished, somehow they have to get to Germany for selling-on. This is managed by the FairTradeCenter Breisgau in coordination with our partners. We try as often as possible to transport the goods by sea because ships emit less CO2 per container than airplanes.

After the merchandise has arrived in (southern) Germany we strive to sell our GREEN&FAIR products with as little intermediate trade as possible.

70% of the GREEN&FAIR clients are retailers or directly consumers:
plantationproduction siteFairTradeCenter Breisgauretailer* → consumer
*z.B. Fair Trade shops, organic grocery stores and online shops

30% of the GREEN&FAIR clients are other wholesalers:
plantationproduction siteFairTradeCenter Breisgauwholesaler° → maybe retailerconsumer
°z.B. Memo, Waschbär and organic wholesalers