Outright sustainable our GREEN&FAIR sneaker. The upper material: We us Kala Cotton (gossypium herbaceum), a cotton species that is traditionally cultivated organically in the Bhuj region (Gujarat, North West India). Because of the relatively short fibres it’s harder to process, but the hand woven canvas is light, dust-repellent and durable. The rubber parts: The sole and the outer strap are made of 100% fair traded and FSC®-certified natural rubber from Sri Lanka, more specifically from the Frocester Estate. Both are processed locally (DSI). The laces: The employees at the South Indian company Punarbhavaa manufacture the laces of our GREEN&FAIR sneaker out of certified organic cotton residues. The bag: Women of the South Indian cooperative Shanthimalai sew them out of recycled rice sacs. And your feet profit as well: The light and feet-supporting inner sole provides grip and wear comfort. Any questions?

Origin: Sri Lanka, North West India (Bhuj/Gujarat), South India(Tamil Nadu)
Producers: cotton farmers of the Kala Cotton Initiative by Khamir, Shanthimalai, Punarbhavaa, Frocester/Horana, DSI

Different colour combinations available: black/black, black/white, grey/white; jeweils high cut und low cut.
Different sizes available.

Here you find more information about what “green” and “fair” means to us.

Allergy information: Contains natural latex.