Lalan Rubbers Ltd.

Lalan Rubbers Ltd. comprises 13 plantations in different parts of Sri Lanka, in total about 6,885 ha. The annual production volume of more than 4.5 million kg of rubber makes lalan one of the leading plantaion companies in Sir Lanka. They run tea plantations, timbre plantations, coffee plantations and spice plantations (cinnamon, cardamom, stevia) as well. In addition to that Lalan Rubbers Ltd. owns a Central Rubber Nursery (CRN) that provides trees for replanting programs.

The rubber is processed on site to end products suhc as gloves or elastics. Sustainability is a core value at Lalan as well on a social as on a ecological level: All plantations are FSC® certified and the company supports various health programs for its employees and the local population, water treatment systems in the factories and scholarships for emloyees’ children. The Fair Trade premium was used, inter alia, to improve the potable water supply for hundreds of families, to purhcase play equipment for kindergardens and to repair a bridge that had been damaged by a truck.

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