rubber boots

Our GREEN&FAIR rubber boots are totally fit if it gets a little wet or muddy. The anti-slip sole ant the upper material are made of 100% fair traded and FSC®-certified natural rubber from the Sri Lankan Frocester Estate. But the finished shoes as well come from Sri Lanka: they’re fabricated on manual labour basis at DSI. For the removabel insoles and the inner lining in turn we use solely certified organic cotton coming from South India. The meticulous processing and choosing of the raw material makes our GREEN&FAIR rubber boots extremly durable. And should they eventually get a leak, you can fix it with just a tyre patch. By the way, the bag is made of recycled rice sacs, women of the South Indian cooperative Shanthimalai sew them.
Origin: South India, Sri Lanka
Producers: Shanthimalai, Frocester/Horana, DSI

Here you find more information about what “green” and “fair” means to us.

Allergy information: Contains natural latex.