Frocester Estate

The Frocester Estate is located in the hilly South west of Sri Lanka, about eleven kilometres from Horana town. The main crop cultivated on the nearly 350 ha of land is rubber, but they grow cinnamon on a smaller scale, too. The Frocester Estate runs its own factory that produces about 950 kg of rubber a day. In total around 400 people work on the plantation and in the factory. Most of the employees live in houses on the plantation. We get, inter alia, the fairly traded rubber for our sneakers and for our hot-water bottles from the Frocester Estate. Until now the Fair Trade premium faciliated a number of water tanks, building a trianing centre and a bridge that links different parts of the plantation to the next city (school, hospital). The Frocester Estate is part of the Horana group, one of the biggest plantation companies in Sri Lanka that runs tea plantations as well. The company commits itself to “long-term economical, social and environmental sustainability” and puts this into practice via e.g. health programs and more institutions for the plantation employees.

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