DSI Samson Group

DSI was founded by D. S. Rajapaksa more than 50 years ago and is one of the leading conglomerates in rubber processing in Sri Lanka. The main focus is on shoe and tyre production. Amongst their clients are well known brands such as PUMA, Reebok and Clarks. And now and then we push in with our natural rubber for phlip phlops, rubber boots or hot-water-bottles. The products are manufactured either mainly mechanically using injection moulding (hot-water bottles, phlip phlops) or by hand (rubber boots, gardening shoes, sneakers). The company sets the goal to follow it’s founder’s humanist approach. This includes on the one hand values applying for the treatment of employees (e.g. fairness, equal opportunities, discipline and loyality). On the other the society as a whole should benefit from the company’s gainings. Therefore DSI supports education, sports and cultural programs as well as disaster aid.