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P. Dinesh is 23 years old and uses the offer made by Trum Coir: during the weeh the employees are allowed to live in the common dormitory on the factory site. A bed to sleep on is all he needs, he states. The accomodation is simple, clean and above all free. That means he can contribute more money to his family’s income. His parents and younger sister live in a small town, about an hour’s busride distance. A few months from now his sister will graduate from high school. That she can continue her studies at college is also due to her brother and the Fair Trade premium.

S. N. Dingirimanika has three daughters, two are married and the youngest is in 10th grade. Mrs. Dingirimanika’s husband died 13 years ago. She doesn’t talk about how difficult it was to make her oldest daughter’s higher education possible. What counts is that works in a public authority and earns good money. If you ask Mrs. Dingirimanika her youngest daughter is going to study at a university as well. But even though the two of them live in a humble flat and do without any luxury (e.g. television), they don’t have any savings left. The Fair Trade premium will do its bit the make the dreams about studying a reality.